Friday, December 27, 2013

Critical Mass

I've reached a critical mass -- amassed enough stuff to not want more but to want more from what I have (not including upgrades, of course). 

My wife told me that I should spend my birthday money on something fun for myself. Lately, "fun" has meant something different than usual. It's not coming from gifts or dinners, beer or wine. Fun, for me, has been coming from an awareness of truly feeling content. Overweening ambition can be a bitch, or so I've experienced.

How much is enough? At what point do we find ourselves at the bottom because our desire has led us down a road of darkness, of empty relations with our stuff? Not trying to be a downer in this time of giving, but the mall activity and visits from gift toting relatives has me thinking, reevaluating my next move into the depths of maturity. 

My patriotic side is rapping about the role of the consumer in a capitalist economy. But not to worry, the stuff we do with our stuff and the stuff we need to fix our stuff will need to be purchased. We'll also need to browse the Web to click on things and get sidetracked on social media while we learn more about how to find the stuff we need, ever increasing the value of ads and making some 14-year-old YouTube genius rich. 

It's a new world with new issues. Google has already sold us out. Apple will have to continue to come up with something that looks cool to keep consumers interested. And ObamaCare websites will continue to strategically suck through a White House effort to redirect the tension from political to digital and give everyone a sigh of relief when the sites work well enough to give the citizens shitty health coverage. After all, every four months we forgive and forget.  And another thing, haven't any of the Facebook political gossip idiots (usually neocon housewives) ever read Ray Bradbury? Our stuff and our government will takeover in publicly acceptable ways. 

It could be worse. We could have gained Canadian lands in the War of 1812. Oh, the American dream. Merry Christmas. 

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