Sunday, September 1, 2013


Playing Good Morning Texas this past September 6 with Clay Thrash was another check off the bucket list. Some of my students thought it was cool. I didn't tell them when it was actually happening. Some things are best discussed when others bring them up. Plus, as cool is it was to be on live TV, to be completely exposed, and not know if it's coming through on the other side well enough to warrant the time spent programing the x32 digital board is stressful enough. I didn't need to add any more drama. Luckily, if you believe in luck, it sounded really good considering the lack of sound check. In fact, the level was too hot going to the station, which was adjusted by the second stick click of the count off. Nice work old dude sound engineer. My in-ear mix was a different story. I ended up holding back on a lot because I had no idea what it sounded like to the audience. In the end, it was another feather in our caps, and Clay Thrash and all the guys at Grange Records were appreciative of the response and support from the fans.