Friday, August 9, 2013

The Gruene Guadalupe

The Beaver made it down to Gruene Thursday evening to get ready for the First Annual Clay Thrash River Bash. We parked at Rockin R and walked up to the Gristmill for a steak and then to Gruene Hall for some Texas shufflin rockin blues.
This morning we're setting up for sound check around noon at Billy's Ice House and floating the river before we feast on some Hammer and Dick barbecue at the river bash. The show starts at 8:30. Clay Thrash goes on 9:30. We have some new songs since our last show in New Braunfels. It's gonna rock.
I'm excited about some new microphone configurations, especially the Beta 91 and Beta 52 on the kick. That particular idea came from Rascal Flatts drummer Jim Riley. All I need now is a Bum Chum throne to really experience the kick drum and some dual or triple driver in-ears to replace the singles I'm currently maxing out.
The band is working hard to polish the live show, prepare the first single for radio, and expand our connections with our fans through social media. This is only the beginning of Clay Thrash and the Texas music scene. With his heart-felt rockin love song "My Heart" to the cool funky grit of "Ain't No Law," Clay's music has something for everyone. Wait till you hear it!

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